Dance Parties

Dance Parties at Rivertowne Ballroom are scheduled on one or two Fridays each month and are open to all students as well as the general public. Each party evening begins at 7 pm with a half-hour group dance lesson followed by general dancing until 10 pm. The cost is $10 and includes refreshments.

Aside from being just plain fun, dance parties help to reinforce what you’re learning in classes by providing the chance to practice in an accepting and helpful environment. By watching and dancing with students of all levels as well as instructors you will begin to absorb into muscle memory the music, steps, and techniques associated with each of the dances.

Also, for leaders, this practice experience is critical to learning Floor Craft, which is the ability to maneuver around the floor by connecting steps together, turning corners, dodging traffic, and making quick decisions. Followers also benefit by practicing to actually follow without a set routine.