Group Lessons

Group Lessons provide numerous benefits to students.They are economical, offering many chances to dance at an affordable price. Classes are structured to allow lots of repetition in the featured steps improving retention. Dancing with a variety of partners at different levels speeds up learning. And socializing with other students puts you at ease and makes it all more fun.

Our Ballroom Dance Group Lesson Program is designed to introduce you to the basics in six different dances over the course of any given month. Those six dances are Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Swing, Rumba, and Cha Cha. We teach many others, too, but these six will make you a well-rounded dancer who feels comfortable dancing socially at any occasion.

Classes are held on Wednesday evenings at 2 levels; Beginner and Intermediate. A different dance is featured each night with the Intermediate class expanding on what was taught in Beginner.


Monthly Cost: 1 Class (Beginner or Intermediate) $30/singles, $50/couples - Both Levels: $50/singles, $75/couples

Drop-in Rate: Single Person $10/Class, Couple $15/Class - Single Person $15/Both, Couple $25/Both

Private Lessons: $50/1 Lesson, $225/5 Lessons (save $25), $400/10 Lessons (save $100). Current Students pay the lowest price $40/Lesson